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Facade louvers lifts the appearance of a building. This plays a massive role in how we see and use any building!

Bringing a unique look to a building's exterior, while still providing shade and comfort inside. Protecting the building and the occupants from glare, heat, reflecting light and sunlight and doing so in a way that serves as an extension of the building’s design.

Through different combinations and modern solutions of we are able to create visually stunning façade textures. Using a variety of louvre types and materials that can be installed both horizontally as well as vertically.

Offering significant architectural and technical advantages with the complete altering of the appearance of the building.

Louvre façade screens offer the fundamental aspect as a ventilation product (as a louvre), through allowing air and light to pass through and keeping out undesired elements such as dirt, debris, water, rain, moisture or sunshine.

Curvent's complete range of Facade Screens is on display in their showroom at their Head Office in Boksburg. Contact one of their Facade specialists for additional information.

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