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The industry term for a roof turbine ventilator is commonly known as a Whirlybird, which literally means helicopter. Helicopters have spinning blades, and Whirlybirds typically have cylindrical domes with fins that spin in the wind to create a vacuum, sucking up warm air out of a building.

The term Whirlybird® Turbine Ventilator is registered as a trademark by a company in Jacksonville, Arkansas, in the United States (2013). However Wikipedia describes a Whirlybird as an Attic fan. According to Wiki, the term Whirlybird is used as a slang word and brand name in the venting industry.

For the past 36 years, Curvent International has been designing and manufacturing top-end smoke-and natural vents. Early in 2010 the design team at Curvent International developed and launched their own, uniquely engineered Whirlybird called the Pinnacle Rooftop Turbine.

Proofed to stand the test of time, the Pinnacle Rooftop Turbine is one of the successful product lines at Curvent International. The highly robust design, easy installation instructions, 5-year guarantee and extremely cost-effectiveness is only a few of the benefits that Curvent is proud of.

Over the last two years the company has more significantly invested in this natural vent by including two sizes to the product line. The range presently offers six sizes: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm and 610mm. A buyer can also opt for two base materials, either galvanized or Zincalume steel. The Aluminium in the Zincalume steel, offers an added 'barrier', to the protection of the vent, especially in coastal regions.

A Pinnacle Rooftop Turbine website was the logical next step in the development of this distinct brand. With the launch of the website in October 2019 Curvent has positioned this rooftop turbine as a product that can ‘stand on its own feet’ in the real and online market.

This easy-to-install and well-priced rooftop turbine has the exact qualities to prompt the future development of an online shopping porthole.

During this lockdown period make use of our remotely appointed sales personnel that is available to assist with Pinnacle Rooftop Turbine enquiries. It is the logical choice when one wants to ensure an overall climate controlled and healthier natural ventilation option.

For the complete range of turbines with their prices:

The Pinnacle Rooftop Turbine installation guide:

Calculate how many Rooftop Turbines you need with this easy to use calculator:

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