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Zincalume steel sets the bar when it undoubtedly comes to the fight against corrosion. By dipping steel plates and key components into a molten zinc mixture, the zinc preferentially binds with the steel and forms a thin coating that’s greyish in appearance. Usually, this process is called Galvanization, but there's a few fundamental differences when comparing Galvanized steel and Zincalume steel.

Zincalume steel is dipped into a unique mixture of zinc and aluminium rather than just zinc, as in the galvanization process.

The zinc component corrodes much slower than the metallic surface it coats. This process is referred to as 'sacrificial' protection, since the zinc coating is corroded instead of the actual steel. Aluminium in the Zincalume steel, offers an added 'barrier', to the sacrificial protection, of traditional galvanized steel.

When tested, Galvanized steel can withstand 200 hours of constant salt spray, whereas Zincalume steel willingly endures an excess of 2000 hours under the exact same conditions.

Needless to say Zincalume steel is significantly superior in all aspects. It typically performs four times better than galvanized steel in even the harshest marine environments. Itis the absolute solution for all corrosion related problems.

Curvent International manufactures both galvanized and Zincalume steel vents depending on the customer’s specific location and essential requirements.

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