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Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!!!

It is essential for regular equipment service.

Here is Why? Maintenance saves lives! Paying to have your maintenance done is truly a worthy venture, because an investment in Maintenance is an investment in safety. If your ventilation system equipment is not working properly, this will complicate rescue operations during fire emergencies. So be sure to make safety your priority!

A well-maintained smoke ventilation system, along with your fire response system, is after all your best protection against any potential loss in a scenario. It would be in your best interest to keep your ventilation systems in tip-top condition.

Here is How? Smoke vents As an active fire protection measure, smoke vents are installed in buildings.

Openings in the roof intended to ventilate the heat and smoke produced by a fire inside of the building. Because of the crucial role that they play in smoke control, they must be subject to a regular maintenance programme

Air ducts Air ducts connect various indoor spaces but are often hidden from sight in commercial and residential buildings. Thus, performance issues may stay undetected for long periods of time.

You should Make sure to keep your air ducts clean of dust and mould to prevent the spread of contaminants accumulated in the interior walls. Other common problems that affect air ducts are noise, poor insulation, vibration and air leaks. Though, before performing any work on your air ducts, it is strongly recommended that you have professional engineers examine the problem. If the issues are unhandled properly, the already existing problems can actually worsen. Fire Dampers To contain a fire and protect the buildings occupants and contents, robust compartmentation and smoke control are critical!

Dampers control fire and smoke in building ventilation systems. Preventing the spread of fire within the ductwork using fire-resistance rated walls and floors. This serves as an important part of a building an over all fire protection system.

The dampers should be operationally tested and maintained on a regular basis to ensure dampers will function when necessary. Maintaining and routinely servicing all of the fire and smoke control systems installed, is absolutely vital throughout a building’s ongoing use.

The systems should be designed, installed and kept as part of an orderly and continuous procedure. Operating as efficiently as intended Who? For your smoke and fire ventilation equipment, Curvent International Ltd. provides inspection as well as services.

As South Africa’s leading specialists in commercial smoke control and fire ventilation, Curvent possesses the expertise that’s essential to keep your equipment SANS 10400-compliant as well as upgrading older equipment that’s out of warranty.

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