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Smoke Curtains and Smoke Baffles are generally used to assist with natural or mechanical smoke exhaust systems by creating smoke reservoirs. Baffles (Smoke Baffles A.K.A. Draft Curtains) (such as glass, plasterboard bulkheads, etc.) They are utilized to create large cordoned off sections of ceiling, confining heat and smoke, for fire prevention purposes. Intended to keep the smoke layer above head height to assist a safe evacuation. Curtains Smoke curtains are remarkably similar to smoke baffles though the considerable difference and advantage remain flexibility. There are two options with smoke curtains: 1. A fixed curtain A fixed smoke curtain baffle (mostly seen in industrial buildings) is lightweight and less prone to damage than glass. Or 2. A hidden automatic drop-down smoke curtain. Barriers that are electrically operated and automatic designed to restrain the movement of smoke & heat from one area to another in the case of a fire. And when not in alarm it is completely invisible. Curvent International is an expert when it comes to smoke ventilation. Smoke baffles and smoke curtains is part of our expertise. Please call one of our salesmen for assistance on 011 826 5959 if you require more information.

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