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The costs of your employee health care can climb quite a lot without proper ventilation, or poor air quality, in work areas. This can also cut into a business' projected profits Employees working in an environment with good air quality tend to have better health and work more efficiently and productively.

Pinnacle rooftop turbines deliver natural, no-cost climate control. Optimize production and performance with green, wind-driven roof ventilation that can help protect you from these unnecessary health issues and costs. It is also specially designed to be human and environmentally friendly.

When the Pinnacle turbine ventilators draw out stale interior air – as they spin, they create a natural vortex that extracts heated, stale air from within your building and they extract unhealthy particulates, moisture, and toxins that degrade indoor air quality and dispel it outdoors.

Let’s look at some ideal commercial and industrial premises for Pinnacle rooftop turbines: These are perfect for Curvent’s Pinnacle Turbine installations. Commercial sites: • Banks • Garages • Hospitals • Offices • Restaurants • Laboratories • School Rooms • Conference rooms • Cinemas • Bakeries • Dance Halls • Entrance halls • Gymnasiums • Hairdressing salons • Canteens • Libraries • Photo and X-ray darkrooms • Commercial kitchens • Launderettes • Recording studios • Cafes and coffee bars • Lavatories Industrial sites: • Boiler rooms • Engine rooms • Stores and warehouses • Electroplating shops • Laundries • Paint shops • Welding shops • Factories and workshops • Dye works • Foundries

It is crucial to have good ventilation systems installed in all these building listed above. Curvent offers cost-effective roof ventilation systems that ensures that moisture and humid heat escapes your building. Contact our ventilation expert on 011 826 5959 for a free quotation.

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