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Having your ventilation systems maintained and checked will maximise the usage of your facility and ensure your system is running as safely and efficiently as it can, offering you cost savings as well. This will also prevent complications later in the duration of its life.

Small jobs, like changing filters in ventilation systems are not as big of a problem, though more complex maintenance will need to be done by a qualified engineer.

A good maintenance routine for ventilation systems, either domestic or commercial, would include:

1. Checking blocked filters

2. Unblocking condensate drains that could cause build-up of things such as bacteria.

3. Cleaning dirty heat exchange surfaces that could diminish efficiency.

4. Repairing seized damper actuators.

5. Replacing damaged damper seals.

6. Checking if the controls are calibrated correctly.

Depending on the system, certain systems require more maintenance than others.

There are many types of ventilation systems, each maintaining different performance standards and with different maintenance requirements. The cost of the maintenance service naturally also depends on the system being serviced and the circumstances.

Every so often Ventilation system maintenance can present challenges, considering the down time and the risk of contamination, etc. Though the maintenance of specialist ventilation systems is also vital and part of a bigger picture, looking at health and safety, productivity, cost and energy efficiency.

Many might discover it being a challenge to have regular maintenance performed on their multiple specialist ventilation systems. However, this is not the case when choosing a professional company such as Curvent International, experienced in every facet of dealing with ventilation systems, offering their expertise as well as their understanding of everyone’s unique operational needs.

It's critical to remember that prevention is better than cure, and usually less costly.

Foto: Building rubble on a fire vent - this will lead to the fire ventilation system not working properly. Regular maintenance will eliminate these problems.


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