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We are going to look at the Benefits of Ventilated Facades and Rain Screens. And why they are becoming enormously popular in modern commercial and also domestic architecture. The right building façade/cladding offers significant technical and architectural advantages and can completely alter the appearance of an ordinary building to a stunning masterpiece. A building’s façade fulfils a massive role in how we recognize and occupy the building. When visible from a street it performs an substantial role in contributing to the amenity and attractiveness of a whole area. And significant consideration should be given to the aesthetic impact. There are many reasons why Ventilated Exterior Cladding systems are implemented other than the incredible architectural designs. The added and sometimes more important reasons Ventilated Facades and a lot of Rain Screen solutions are used are: Thermal Performance (regulating the temperature inside of the building),

  1. Heat Defection (Reducing over heating of the building, saving on air conditioning costs and excessive heat loss),

  2. Reduced Energy Consumption (A Very green way of saving money on energy and installation costs), and overall improving of the Building Acoustic.

  3. The inner construction are being isolated from all forms of exterior environmental interaction by wrapping a building with an independent second skin. In essence, it is enveloping the building with a protective outer defence.

  4. This outer second skin forms an insulated chamber which blocks heat transference from outwards to inwards and vice versa. This improves the overall buildings thermal properties significantly while still reducing operational costs.

A ventilated building façade screen can be constructed from a variety of hardwearing materials, allowing for the building to withstand more harsh environments and chemical based pollution. The financial and performance benefits are enormous.

Some of the BENEFITS of Façade screening technologies include:

  • Protection from natures elements

  • Dramatic energy savings

  • Visual transparency will be maintained

  • Optimal use of natural light penetration & filtration

  • Changeable building branding

  • Design is unlimited – creative shapes, colors and themes

  • Cost-effective way to modernize more historic buildings and structures

  • Increase in property values

Curvent Internationals’ Façade Technologies offers quality, turnkey Sun Control, Ventilation and Screening solutions for commercial, retail and residential developments and renovations. Our products and designs ensure optimal energy efficiency, solar heat gains, organic lighting and ventilation, all whilst incorporating creative and functional designs.

As an ISO 9001 company, Curvent International endeavours to ensure our clients receive unparalleled service and systems, of the highest standards and quality.

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