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Curvent International is known as a key manufacturer of roof vents in South-African. Roof vents are primarily used to regulate temperatures in buildings but can also be used for smoke and heat extraction. These systems are based on openings in the roof that will allow hot air and smoke to escape by creating a vacuum. This extraction of air keeps the low level escape routes clear of smoke. Rooftop vents are recognized to extend the life of a roof as well as to reduce energy costs.

Curvent currently manufactures and installs the following rooftop vents to fit any roof profile:

Curve king – R: This is a ridge mounted natural static ventilator with an easy and user friendly ‘clip-on’ installation. This ventilator is well known for its very robust construction and is also very cost effectively because of the low maintenance and continuous natural ventilation capabilities.

Curve king – S: Similar to the Curve King – R but is a slope mounted natural static vent. A manual ground cable control system can be added to shut the ventilation during winter as an optional extra.

Quadriflow ventilation system: Low-profile labyrinth 4-tier high heat hood exhaust ventilator to enhance ventilation velocity of massive industrial buildings. Designed to preserve the structural integrity of the building as well as provide permanent ventilation. This roof ventilation system is one of the most cost-effective system to naturally ventilate high heat load industrial buildings and is renowned for its proven versatility.

Superflow roof ventilators:

Adjustable and ongoing roof ventilation. Designed to fit any window frames, brick work, cladding profiles or any application where permanent ventilation, replacement air or air discharge is needed. These ventilators are equally essential in any fire ventilation design plus they are immensely cost effective for the intake, replacement and air discharge in any building.

Pinnacle rooftop turbines: Fit all roof types. This rooftop turbine runs for free and requires no maintenance. It’s one of the most popular and affordable ventilation options available in South Africa.

Fire – x 1620 – EN: Is a louvre bladed slope mounted fire ventilator that has been tested and certified by a notified body in terms of the European Union and proudly bares the CE mark. These louvred blades individually close and open automatically depending on weather conditions and in the case of a fire. Natural ventilation is also made possible because of the electromechanical operating system.

Fire – x 1620: Another louvre bladed slope mounted fire ventilator, similar to the Fire-X 1620 EN. The ventilator is renowned for its versatility. Can be custom built to suit most steel structures and roof profiles.

​​ Fire – x Vertical: Is a louvre bladed vertical mounted natural and fire vent. The louvre blades are designed to close individually over each other, providing a waterproof system and in the event of a fire the louvre blades will automatically open. Can be custom built to suit most steel structures, cladding profiles and specific design demands.

Fire – x Lumina: Is a slope mounted smoke and heat exhaust vent with translucent blades. Its primary function is smoke and heat ventilation. The louvred blades open automatically in the result of a fire. Fire king – R: This is a dual-purpose ridge mounted smoke and heat vent. In the event of a fire, the ventilator doors automatically open on gravity. The ventilator is manufactured using Computerised Numeric Control machines, eliminating manufacturing flaws. This ventilator also features an easy and unique ‘clip-on’ installation system.

Fire king – S: This is also a dual-purpose slope mounted smoke and heat vent. Very similar to the Fire King –R, the ventilator additionally provides permanent natural day-to-day ventilation.

Curvent is a industry leader in the manufacturing of quality rooftop vents. They can custom-design any roof ventilation system to suit the clients needs, whether for natural or fire ventilation. Contact any of our roof vent specialists on 011 826 5959.

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