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It is always reassuring to know that the product you require for your ventilation applications, delivers when it comes to its purpose.

Here are three characteristics that are very important when looking to install pinnacle rooftop turbines:

Efficiency within its purpose

The turbines have to be able to run smoothly and effectively, moving air continually. A Good rooftop turbine naturally ventilates the hot and stale air inside of the building with pleasant and fresh air from outside of the building. It is equally essential that the free spinning turbine head, with help of the outside wind, creates an extraction vortex underneath that will expel the unwanted air from inside. To summarise, an efficient rooftop turbine needs to carry out its job in the supply of naturally ventilated air.

High quality

A second consideration is that the rooftop turbine must be of good quality, lightweight materials that requires low to almost no maintenance. These turbines are in direct sunlight, rain and wind every solitary day throughout the year. It is very important that they are made from durable and strong material and constructed in such a way that it is highly resistant to extreme climatic conditions.

Cost effective

Another critical factor to consider before installing rooftop turbines represent the cost of maintaining them. If you buy a quality rooftop turbine, the turbines will run at a very low maintenance cost. Make sure that the turbines you install additionally offers a guarantee.

Curvent International has been installing ventilation products for 35 years. They make their Pinnacle turbine ventilators from high-quality materials right here in South Africa. Furthermore, they are so confident in the quality and durability of the Pinnacle Turbines that they support them with a 5-year guarantee making Curvent a logical choice for your rooftop turbines.

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