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Curvent International has been in the South African ventilation market since 1984. One of the facets of efficient smoke ventilation is the importance of having the right ducts fitted for the removal of smoke and or hot gas from building areas during a fire.

The importance of using the right material for ducting:

It is important to make sure every client’s duct installations are up to standard and carry air smoothly throughout the system without any leaks. Any holes or cracks in the ducts will allow particles, smoke or fumes to enter into the building.

The choice of material is very important and makes a big difference. Ducting needs to be protected against harsh environmental conditions such as, UV light, water, salt, oil, chemicals, and dust. Other features to consider will include the materials potential to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Curvent recommends metal ductwork:

Galvanised steel and aluminium (commonly known as sheet metal) are the most used metals for ducting. These are some of the least likely materials to harbour dangerous moulds or growths because they have non-porous surfaces. Ducting are generally made from galvanised steel.

The process of Galvanisation:

It is the process of the application of a protective zinc coating to iron or steel to prevent it from rusting. By forming a coating of zinc on the metals, it prevents any corrosive substance from reaching it.

Galvanisation is considered to be the most environmental friendly protective coating. It only produces a small amount of waste and - without losing any of the beneficial properties of the metal – it is recyclable.

Benefits of galvanised steel ductwork:

  • Metal ductwork is very strong and remains uncoated.

  • To fit unusual locations, it can be produced in many shapes and sizes.

  • It allows for excellent airflow.

  • It is resistant to water damage, and it will withstand corrosion, thus making it popular in seawater areas.

  • It is a sustainable and recyclable material.

  • Durable - the coating itself is bonded permanently to the metal, also making transportation much of a less stressful situation.

  • The zinc coating will corrode and rust before the steel. So even if small areas of the zinc get damaged, the metal won’t need touch-ups, unlike many organic coatings.

Curvent’s strive to give their customers the ultimate choice and freedom when choosing ductwork solutions. They will deliver on the best possible solution for your ductwork requirements and material.

Give our experts a call regarding your smoke ventilation and ductwork requirements on Tel: 011 826 5959.

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