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In layman’s terms, automated windows represent windows that open and close automatically and works with an electric windows system. It is typically positioned in public buildings such as in shopping malls and office blocks. These automation are a cost-effective solution for a smoke ventilation system while also assisting with natural heating and cooling strategy.

How do they work?

Automated windows can be controlled from automated systems or with the help of a remote control. These windows are installed high-up and out of reach due to the fact that the buoyancy of hot smoke causes the smoke to rise. The smoke can now escape into the atmosphere.

The opening and closing of the windows can also be based on a timer depending on the temperature requirements of the building. Some automated windows can be fitted with the secondary function of having rain sensors that detect severe weather OR thermostats that operate depending on the temperature.

What happens in case of a fire?

Automated windows can safeguard lives and preserve property. In the case of a fire emergency, the windows will automatically open upon the detection of smoke;

  • Allowing the smoke to escape the building into the atmosphere. This causes increased visibility to keep the escape and access routes free from smoke, facilitating fire-fighting operations and emergency services to enter the afflicted area.

  • Reduce risk of the fire developing more significantly.

  • Preserving the contents of the building and reduce the risk of damage to the building itself.

​Typically, safety sensors are used as a part of building automation solutions. These sensors are commonly based on laser scanner technology. The sensors monitor the area around the power-operated windows. This prevents making contact or hitting persons upon the opening of the operated windows.

Apart from sensors & detectors, there are control panels, accessories, motors & actuators and switches that also form the components of the landscape of the window automation industry.

An actuator is a very frequently used device used to automate windows. You will find that there are two types of actuators, namely the linear and chain actuator.

The Linear actuator works based on a necessary push and pull method. These actuators are for application at great heights (like high level work spaces) where the aesthetic is unregarded as very important.

The Chain actuator is comprising of a chain with an uni-directional bending mechanism. As follows, the actuator won’t bend or collapse upon opening. This actuator will allow the window to unlock a long way and is used in big building projects.

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