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Curvent International (Pty) Ltd manufactures, distributes and installs a broad range of ventilation solutions, designed with intent and installed with purpose. We also supply auxiliary products for our clients depending on the project and scope of work. Our auxiliary products include custom build ducting, industrial extractor fans, window automation, smoke baffles, smoke control systems to name a few. Purpose Made Ducting (Standard Ducting and Fire Rated Certified Ducting) Curvent manufactures fire rated certified ducting for smoke ventilation systems. Ducting is used in most industries for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.It is a primary component in a ventilation system that ensures proper air flow. Ducting are predominantly made from galvanized steel. Steel are rust-resistant and because of this reason remains uncoated. External ductwork that is can be coated with waterproof coatings for more isolated protection from the elements. Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty ductwork or lightweight ductwork, Curvent manufactures all shapes and sizes. We will make certain that the ducts are up to standard and will convey the air throughout the system with no leaks. Ducts we fabricate typically form exhaust ducts, that pull heat off of equipment to process ductwork, including branches, elbows, offsets and transitions.

Window Automation

Window automation actuators preside over the opening and closing of numerous windows for either natural or smoke ventilation. It is a cost-effective way of obtaining a smoke ventilation system with the other advantages that it doubles as a natural ventilation system. By introducing automatic vents at elevated level that open upon detection of smoke, the smoke is allowed to escape to the atmosphere providing a clear escape route and increased visibility for the fire service to enter the afflicted area.

A few factors that need to be considered at when one is planning for an automated window installation would be:

• Exterior and interior temperature • Intensity and direction of the wind and rain • Frequency of use • Ambient humidity and CO₂ levels

The use of actuators to automate windows, can be employed to react to sensors that manage this system. We offer a range of window openers such as pistons, chain drives, spindle drives and scissor drives.

Smoke Baffles

Smoke Curtains and Smoke baffles are used to create smoke reservoirs and aid smoke or mechanical smoke exhaust systems.

Curvent International installs gravity fail-safe curtains that offer the latest in electronic technology and innovation.

These curtains are discreet, robust and simple to operate and maintain. We can provide a solution to the most challenging architectural demands.

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation

Curvent offers mechanical ventilating solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

These fans offer numerous benefits when used properly. They help create a healthy work atmosphere. They also remove pollutants, air contaminants, smoke and reduce offensive odors. They can additionally be employed to decrease the heat and humidity levels.

Axial Flow Fan:

These fans are never used in duct air conditioning system as they cannot develop extraordinary pressures, however, they can handle massive quantities of air.

Smoke Control Systems:

Curvent also deliver specialist smoke ventilation control systems as well as actuators, sensors and switches.

These Smoke Control systems automatically open specific windows, doors, louvers, dampers and roof lights to ventilate smoke and heat in recent or existing building.​

Call our smoke ventilation experts on 011 826 5959 for advice and quotations on your auxiliary products.

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