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Johanesburg Emergency Management Services acting fire chief Arthur Mqwa says the government owns the building where a deadly fire claimed the lives of three firefighters on Wednesday.

The building, at Pixley ka Isaka Seme Street in the Johannesburg CBD, does not comply with emergency services regulations.

Mqwa said the deadly fire managed to spread to lower levels because the floors were not sealed and there were papers and boxes in the ducts.

"Our heroes passed away trying to save people in the building. They rescued 13 people. When we arrived at the building the fire doors to the emergency routes were open and they were not supposed to be open.

"The fire spread through the ducts and went down … because there were papers and boxes in those ducts. What I am trying to say is that the building was not sealed. It did not comply with the EMS (Emergency Management Services) by-laws," he said. Read the whole article below...

This is indeed a sad tragedy that could have been prevented. If you need help to make sure that your building complies to the strict regulations of SANS 10400 part T Fire Protection, give us a call on 011 826 5959

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