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Curvent International (PTY) Ltd helped pioneer smoke ventilation and smoke control in South Africa 34 years ago, and they have been pushing the envelope ever since.

When designing a ventilation system for a new Car Park one should look at solving a dual problem. Firstly car parks are always full of potentially-combustible fuel tanks, a definite fire risk and secondly they can also be filled with hazardous exhaust fumes from cars. To keep air fresh and safe with the CO below 30 parts per million, and to ensure proper smoke ventilation in case of a fire, a smoke and air-quality ventilation solution is required. That means you’re going to need carefully-programmed controls and ventilation equipment which has to be maintained by specialists.

Most existing enclosed car parks will already have ventilation systems installed, but older setups tend to rely on ducting linked to extract fans. These systems have the following setbacks:

  • The ducting usually obstructs the height of the cars and can cause an obstruction

  • They can be quite energy-inefficient leading to high electricity bills

Curvent International is been involved in many car park refurbishment projects that involve replacing these old ducted systems with a carefully considered layout of jet fans

When properly arranged, these fans are able to direct smoke from a vehicle fire into a dedicated extract fan area, leaving the rest of the car park relatively unaffected. They can also be linked via a control system to CO or NOx detectors, and will only activate (at low speeds) when the build-up of exhaust gases gets too high.

Contactone of our ventilation specialist for assistance with your car park ventilation.

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