Summed up it is a process of redirecting smoke and fumes in order to save lives and assets.

The advantages of smoke control systems

The first advantage to specify and install smoke control systems are to protect escape routes and to assist firefighters in the event of a fire.

Another advantage of smoke control systems is that stock and machinery can be protected and the risk of loss of the building (perhaps due to roof collapse) can be reduced.

Smoke ventilation systems utilise smoke detectors, vents, smoke curtains, smoke dampers, smoke shafts and fans to protect a building from a fire. The system is only truly operational if all elements work in the correct sequence.

Curvent International (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African company, showcasing specialised solutions for smoke control. They supply the following manufactured natural ventilation products:

  • Fire-X 1620-EN fire ventilator is a louvre bladed slope mounted fire ventilator. The ventilator proudly bares the CE mark.

  • Fire-X 1620 fire ventilator is a louvre bladed slope mounted fire ventilator

  • Fire-X Vertical fire ventilator is a louvre bladed vertical mounted fire ventilator

  • Fire-X Lumina is a slope mounted smoke and heat exhaust ventilator with translucent blades

  • Fire King R ventilator is a dual-purpose ridge mounted smoke and heat exhaust ventilator

  • Fire King S ventilator is a dual-purpose slope mounted smoke and heat exhaust ventilator

  • Smoke baffles are used to create smoke reservoirs and aid natural or mechanical smoke exhaust systems

  • Smoke dampers

  • Customised Ducting

  • Electric Windows

  • Extraction Fans

  • Window Automation

Contact one of our qualified ventilation specialists with your smoke ventilation requirements Tel 011 826 5959

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