Without the correct sources of inlet air, your ventilation system will not work effectively. If you are trying to extract air from a factory without replacing the air/smoke that you are trying to extract nothing will move. This is called a vacuum and that is why you need an expert to determine the number of air inlets into a building. It's simple for air to come out, air must come in

Without insufficient air inlet into a factory carbon monoxide can build up and temperatures can rise excessively.

Our engineers will design the size of the inlet openings so that air velocities are not excessive.The air inlet must be at a low level, below the neutral plane, so that the ventilation system operates efficiently. This can be achieved with ventilators in other areas of the building, or by using doors or windows that open automatically or, if these are not sufficient, air inlet ventilators.

Contact our team at Curvent International PTY Ltd for an assessment of your inlet air as part of your ventilation system.

Photos: Different inlet air products / systems.

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