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Does your industrial building produce high heat loads? Are you looking for most cost effective system to naturally ventilate your building? We offer a solution:

The Curvent Quadriflow is a low profile labyrinth 4 – tier high heat load exhaust ventilator to enhance ventilation velocity of heavy industrial buildings and smelter plants. By replacing the roof sheeting with a ventilator the designer can position the exhaust directly above the heat source, thereby allowing high heat plumes to exhaust without restriction and recirculating.

Without this sophisticated ventilation system, the intense heat and smoke contained within the confined areas will cause extreme discomfort to the working environment. It also protects the structural integrity of the building. The Curvent Quadriflow is designed to provide permanent ventilation.

The Curvent Quadriflow ventilator is renowned for its proven versatility. The ventilators are custom-built to suit any purlin spacing and roof profiles. The ventilator is available in variable material thickness ranging from 0.6mm to 2mm. The ventilator blades are fully interchangeable with alternative material finishes.

At Curvent International ventilation is our main focus. We have developed and tested our products over 33 years, giving you peace of mind.

For a consultation on your building contact our experienced team at Curvent. Tel 011 826 2044.

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