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In any fire situation smoke is one of the greatest threats to life. Smoke will impair visibility and cause occupants to be disorientated, which could result in deaths.

Curvent International recently installed a 112 FXV-8 (Fire X Vertical fire ventilator) and a total of 2040m² Smoke Curtains in a warehouse for Komatsu in Tunney, Elandsfontein.

The Curvent Fire X Vertical fire ventilator is a louvre bladed vertical mounted fire ventilator with a low profile design to enhance the architectural aesthetics of any building. The Fire X Vertical louvred blades are designed to close individually over each other, providing a waterproof system in the closed position. In the event of fire, the spring loaded louvred blades open automatically to allow hot gasses to exhaust. This will aid in the buildings structural integrity against collapse.

How a Smoke Curtain works:

A smoke curtain works by containing smoke from a fire in a specific area and thereby preventing it from spreading to other areas. This containment of smoke provides refuges for people within the building and maximises the probability of escape from the building with loss of injury.

If your building contains large expanses of area used by many people, you need smoke curtains to protect your visitors in the unfortunate event of a fire. Keeping this in mind we divided the Komatsu Warehouse into 7 Zones using the Smoke Curtians.

If you need a smoke curtain expert to give you advice contact us on Tel 011 826 5959.

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