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This Project was awarded to Curvent International as a Design, Supply and Install project where we provided a full turnkey solution for the smoke extraction system and the basement Carbon Monoxide extraction systems. The project was designed in conjunction with a team of engineers from Nako group (Mechanical Engineers) and Solution Station (Fire Engineers). The waterway house Building consists of parking basements with retail shops on the ground floor as well as 3 levels of office space within two off separate buildings linked by a connecting bridge. The basement extraction system was designed as a duel functioning system to both provide a smoke clearance system in the case of a fire as well as a mechanical extraction system coupled with a Carbon monoxide detection system for day to day car park ventilation. On completion of the South office tower, the building is occupied by BAT (SA) and further tenant expected in the retail level in early 2017.

The project consisted of the installation of:

OFFICE AND RETAIL LEVELS: ​ 14 off smoke extraction fans (1000mm, 5.5kw) Fire rated ducting linking the floors with smoke control dampers on each level 96 Of SE control- Window actuators and Shevtec controllers for replacement air. (6 automated façade windows on each level) ​ BASEMENT CAR PARKS ​ System operates for both smoke extraction for life safety in emergency situations as well as a day to day automated car park ventilations to extract Carbon Monoxide and other harmful exhaust fumes from the car park ​ 4 off smoke extraction fans (900mm , 5.5kw) 4 off smoke extraction fans (1000mm , 5.5kw) 24 off smoke control dampers within the smoke extraction plenums on each level 21 off Centrifugal Induction Fans (100N , 2.3Kw) CO monitoring and detection system

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