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Ventilation is the process by which fresh air is introduced and contaminated air is removed from an occupied space.

Purposes of Ventilation

The purposes of ventilation are:

1. To provide a continuous supply of oxygen necessary for human existence.

2. To remove the heat, moisture and carbon dioxide from a room.

3. To remove contaminants such as:

  • Water vapor

  • Heat and smells from cooking

  • Gases and vapors from industrial processes.

  • Formaldehyde from; insulation foam, furnishings, wallpaper, carpets, resin in wood products and plasterboard.

  • Outdoor aerosol pollutants such as; smoke, soot, mist, fumes, pollen, plant fibers, mold spores, viruses and bacteria

  • Indoor aerosol pollutants such as; carpet fibers, furniture fibers, clothing fibers, skin flakes, mites, viruses and bacteria.

Typical Ventilation System

A typical plant layout is shown below.

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