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The Curvent Fire King R ventilator is a dual-purpose ridge mounted smoke and heat exhaust ventilator. The ventilator combines comfort with life safety. The ventilator offers permanent natural day to day ventilation of hot stale air within the building which is replaced with cool fresh air through fixed louvres and other openings at low level, vastly improving indoor air quality. In the event of fire, the ventilator doors automatically open on gravity to allow hot gasses to exhaust. This will aid in the buildings’ structural integrity against building collapse. The smokeless layer of fresh air created at lower level creates safe evacuation passage for people and assist in firefighting disciplines.   

The flowing curved lines of the ventilator enhance the coefficient capabilities and provides appealing aesthetics. The ventilator is manufactured using Computerised Numeric Control machines, eliminating manufacturing flaws. The ventilator is transported in knock down format to protect it against damage. The ventilator features a unique user friendly “Clip-On” installation system allowing fast and easy installation procedures that will reduce installation time and cost.

Optional accessories:

  • Burglar guards

  • Roof closures  

  • Bird guards

  • Electromechanical operations 

Product material finishes:

  • Galvanised

  • Aluminium

  • Powder coating

  • Zincalume

  • Chromadek

Product features:

  • Fire & natural day-to-day ventilation  

  • Standard fusible link operation  

  • Continuous or single modules  

  • Extremely cost-effective  

  • Year product guarantee  

  • Suit most roof profiles  

  • Minimal maintenance  

  • Robust construction  

  • Superior aesthetics 

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Specification procedure:

  1. Select the model in accordance with the ventilation requirements  and roof purlin spacing

  2. Select the ventilator material type (i.e. Aluminium, Chromadek or Galvanised)

  3. Select the fusible link activation temperature (Normally 93°C)

  4. Select a secondary opening system if required (Normally 24V DC  Electromechanical)

  5. Select any accessories required (i.e. Bird Guards, Burglar Bars, Rain Detectors)


A specification for 13.7m² Free Measured Area (Av) fire ventilation required with 600mm roof purlin spacing available at the apex of the roof, manufactured in Chromadek material, colour Fish Eagle White, electromechanically operated, with bird guards would be: 


Ventilation required / Free Measured Throat Area (Av) 13.7m² / 1.37m² (Av of the Fire King FK600RC)

= 10 x Curvent Fire King type FK600RC Ventilator Units (1 x Unit = 2400mm hence 10 x 2.4m)

= 24m x Curvent Fire King type FK600RC Ventilators 

Specification description:

24m x Curvent Fire King type FK600RC ridge mounted multipurpose fire ventilators, Chromadek material, colour Fish Eagle White, with fusible link to activate at 93°C, complete with 24V DC electromechanically operating system and bird guards, installed in accordance with the manufacturers detailed installation specifications

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