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Watershed, Cape Town V&A Waterfront 

Watershed, Cape Town V&A Waterfront 


Project Detail:

Watershed, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Fire-X Vertical Translucent Louvers

Fire-X Vertical Translucent Louvers. These Louvers are electromechanically operated with a Fusible Link back up and opens automatically in case of a fire signal form the smoke detection system. The Louvers are installed in a manual interlocking sliding door fitted with a Mag Catch & Key switch Control Panel. The doors are open during the day in good weather conditions – in this state the louvers will be closed to prevent the interlocking sliding door do damage the louvers. When doors are open the louvers will not be activated by the smoke detection signal as it will not be necessary.

The doors are closed after ours or with inclement weather conditions to prevent rain entering the building – in this state the louvers are active for activation by the smoke detection system to open in case of a fire.

This building has special architectural features and was designed to have an industrial look. The client did not want to lose this by closing the gable ends of the building with louvers however they did have to close it with something to prevent the ingress of water in inclement weather. This resulted in the need for smoke ventilation in the same time with the building being closed. We offered them the Fire-X Vertical Lumina ventilators which was the best and most cost effective product to conform to the client’s requirements. Our product  also fits in very well with the industrial eastetics.

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