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Roof Ventilators for effective fire ventilation designs

The Curvent Superflow fixed, adjustable and continuous Roof Ventilators and Louvres are designed to fit any cladding profile, window frames, brickwork or any application where permanent ventilation, replacement air or air discharge is required. The Superflow Vertiflow Louvre System is a single bank louvre system with blades in the vertical position. The vertical silhouette of the blades provides appealing aesthetics to any cladding profile. The Curvent Superflow adjustable louvres can be set to deliver variable amount of air movement depending on day to day climatic conditions. Curvent Superflow Louvres are essential in fire ventilation design. The replacement air provides a smokeless layer of fresh air at low level to create safe evacuation passage for people and to assist in firefighting disciplines. The Curvent Superflow Louvres are renowned for their robust construction. Their maximum co-efficient capabilities and low operating costs make this system extremely cost effective for intake, replacement and air discharge in any building. 

Optional Accessories:

  • Insect guards

  • Bird guards

  • Burglar guards

  • Framed modules 

Product Material Finishes:

  • Galvanised

  • Aluminium

  • Powder coating

  • Zincalume

  • Chromadek 

Product Features:

  • Reduce building structural fatigue  

  • Designed to aid fire ventilation  

  • Adjustable louvres open to 90°  

  • Extremely robust construction  

  • Natural day to day ventilation  

  • Various fixed louvre shapes  

  • 1 Year product guarantee  

  • Maximum co efficiency  

  • Superior aesthetics  

  • No operating costs 

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Specification procedure:

  1. Select the Model in accordance with the ventilation requirements and girder spacing or wall  openings.  

  2. Select the ventilator material type (i.e. Aluminium, Chromadek or Galvanised)

  3. Select any accessories required (Bird Guards, Burglar Bars, Framed Modules etc.)   


A specification for 13.2m² Aggregate Throat Area fixed louvre ventilation required with 1450mm high by  1055mm wide clear wall opening available, manufactured in Chromadek material, colour Fish Eagle  White, with bird guards would be: 



Ventilation required / Aggregate Throat Area 13.2m² / 1.32m²(Aggregate Throat Area of SFF-10)

= 10 x Curvent Superflow type SFF-10 Fixed Louvres 

Specification description:

10 x Curvent Superflow type SFF-10 fixed louvres, Chromadek material, colour Fish Eagle White, with bird guards, installed in accordance with the manufacturers detailed instructions 

Download the Brochure Below:
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