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Sasol, Sasolburg

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Project Detail:

Sasol, Sasolburg

Installation of 96 X SFF Fixed Louvres, 77.5m2 Quadriflow Vent

Sasol Limited is an integrated energy and chemical company based in South Africa. Sasol develops and commercialises technologies, including synthetic fuels technologies, and produces different liquid fuels, chemicals and electricity.

Curvent designed and manufactured a natural ventilation solution at their industrial plant in Sasolburg. The SFF Fixed louvres were installed for the lower level replacement air and the Quadriflow exhaust vent was installed above the smelter oven to release the heat.

The Curvent Superflow fixed Louvres are designed to fit any cladding profile where permanent ventilation, replacement air or air discharge is required. The Superflow Vertiflow Louvre System is a single bank louvre system with blades in the vertical position. The vertical silhouette of the blades provides appealing aesthetics to any cladding profile.

The Curvent Superflow adjustable louvres can be set to deliver variable amount of air movement depending on day to day climatic conditions.​

The Curvent Quadriflow is a low-profile labyrinth 4 – tier high heat load exhaust ventilator to enhance ventilation velocity of massive industrial buildings and smelter plants. By replacing the roof sheeting with a ventilator, the designer can position the exhaust directly above the heat source, thereby allowing high heat plumes to exhaust without restriction. Without this sophisticated ventilation system, the intense heat and smoke contained within the confined areas causes acute discomfort to the operating environment. It also protects the structural integrity of the building. The Curvent Quadriflow is designed to provide permanent ventilation. 

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