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October 2018


The top management of Curvent International (Pty) Ltd recognize that customer expectation is the focal point of our business objectives. To achieve this expectation, quality becomes the cornerstone of our Corporate Business Principals. Delivering quality is a line management responsibility that is driven by top management and flows down through our functional structures to front line employees performing their day to day work. Every employee is encouraged to speak up if they see any quality risk or improvement opportunity.



Curvent International (Pty) Ltd. has adopted a process approach for our Quality Management System. Top management has identified eight functional Head of Departments who, as line managers, set unique quality objectives to be achieved on all levels in their departments. This strategy encourage employee participation in achieving a culture of risk and opportunity awareness and engagement with all stakeholders to recognize the importance and value added benefits of quality management.


Curvent International (Pty) Ltd. are manufacturers and suppliers of natural and mechanical ventilation and fire ventilation resources. Our strategic business objective is to remain a sustainable leader in our Industry. To achieve these objectives we will;

  • Be profitable

  • Create added value

  • Manage human resources

  • Manage corporate governance

Mission Statement:

“We Move Air with Excellence”

Vision Statement:

Be the leading ventilation company in the industry, internationally.

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