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(Standard Ducting and Fire Rated Certified Ducting) 


Curvent manufactures fire rated certified ducting for smoke ventilation systems.  Ducting is used in most industries for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is a primary component in a ventilation system that ensures proper air flow. 
Ducting are generally made from galvanized steel. Steel are rust-resistant and because of this reason remains uncoated. External ductwork can be coated with waterproof coatings for additional protection from the elements. We will make sure that the ducts are up to standard and will carry the air throughout the system with no leaks 
Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty ductwork or lightweight ductwork, Curvent manufactures all shapes and sizes.  Ducts we fabricate typically form exhaust ducts, that pull heat off of equipment to process ductwork, including branches, elbows, offsets, and transitions. 



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