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Merino Mall, Ermelo

Curvent celebrates the successful completion of this smoke ventilation project at Merino Mall. This 28,600m2 shopping mall was built in Ermelo with over 90 shops.

Scope of Work:

Twenty-Six (26) Curvent Fire-X1620 EN electro-mechanical natural smoke ventilators. This system is equipped with a first activation 24V electromechanical system that is triggered from a smoke detection signal to open the vents in a case of fire to extract heat and dangerous smoke. The ventilator is designed to open and close with an actuator, there is however a secondary thermal link installed that will allow the ventilator to open in a fire condition should there be a cable failure.

Curvent supplied and installed Eighteen (18) 5,5Kw 900 diameter mechanical smoke extraction fans. These ventilation systems are activated by a smoke signal from the smoke detection system.

These smoke ventilation systems are controlled by Nine (9) Smoke Control panels complete with Seven Hundred and Ninety (790) meters of fire rated cables.

Curvent is the preferred ventilation supplier in our industry.



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