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Ford South Africa Smoke Ventilation

Curvent International, appointed by WBHO, successfully installed the prestigious smoke ventilation system at the new Ford Frameline facility in Silverton, Pretoria. The 77 526m² facility was divided into 41 smoke zones by means of 8 313m² static smoke baffles.

Natural smoke ventilation was achieved through 813 Curvent Fire-X Vertical (FXV) fire electro-mechanical ventilators installed vertically on both sides of the 41 roof monitors. Each side of the roof monitors FXV’s are controlled by 82 OS2 control panels. The building is identified by five separate zones, each with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and wind direction sensors controlling the OS2 panels serving within each zone. The entire system is controlled and powered by 14 742 linear meters of fire rated cable.

The system functions by means of a fire signal from the sprinkler Installation Control Valve (ICV), which sends an activation signal to the PLC. The PLC processes the information from the wind direction sensor and provides a signal to the specific OS2 panels to open only the relevant FXV. For example, the wind direction is from the north to the south, the PLC registers and provides a signal to the OS2 panel within the zone to only open the south side FXV’s, and visa-versa.

Project execution and implementation was delivered earlier than planned, with a total installation period of only eight months.



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