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Fifth largest Distribution Centre in the World!

Curvent International is proud to announce that we successfully supplied, installed and commissioned the Smoke Ventilation Systems at Pick & Pay Inland Distribution Centre in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The facility is built on a 500 000m² site with a staggering building footprint of 146 000m², making this the fifth largest distribution centre in the world.

The Scope of Work was for the following products and systems:

• Six Hundred and Fifty (650) Curvent Fire X Vertical ventilators.

• Sixty-Six (66) Smoke extraction fans.

• Fifty-Six (56) Curvent Fire Dampers.

• Eight Hundred and Four (804) Curvent manufactured smoke extraction duct pieces.

• Four (4) Curvent Super Flow Fixed (SFF) louvers type.

• Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Three (8 793m²) Smoke Baffles.

• Ten (10) Rain sensors.

• Fifteen Thousand and Thirty (15 030) meters of fire rated cable.

• Twenty-Seven (27) Smoke control panels.

Curvent remains the preferred ventilation company in our industry.

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