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CIM Magazine Article on Ford SA

Curvent International have supplied ventilation systems to many automobile manufacturers throughout South Africa and we are extremely proud to be involved with Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) at Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone (SEZ) adjacent to Ford's Silverton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pretoria.

The motor industry cannot afford to stop a production line for long, since this can result in millions in lost revenue even after just a few hours. Everything is done to ensure fires can be put out as early as possible with minimal clean up time.

Smoke control is a valued contributor to the overall fire safety system. For this fast-paced project Curvent International is installing 826 electromechanical operated smoke ventilators and 6 500m² of static smoke baffles, the smoke ventilation system will be controlled as per the requirements of BS 7346 part 8 for ventilation in the vertical by means of wind direction sensors.

For a project of this scale the client can rest assured that they are dealing with an original equipment manufacturer that has the capacity, experience, and financial strength to execute this project within the required timeframe.

We move air with excellence.



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