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In a sales-related meeting Curvent International Sales Executive Eugéne Janse van Rensburg announced that the company’s Curvent Pinnacle Turbine annual unit sales record of 2015 has already been surpassed by 16.5% for 2016 so far. There is still another 4 months to set the next annual record on unit sales.

The reason for the success rate? According to the executive, the Curvent Pinnacle Turbine meets all the requirements the clients are looking for when they are sourcing for wind turbines.

Not only is the Curvent Pinnacle Turbine light-weight and aerodynamic... It is also easy to install. The Curvent Pinnacle Turbine has been in on the market for the past nine years and it has undergone positive changes as well as successful testing results. Eugéne feels that the current Curvent Pinnacle Turbine has allot more to offer that meets the eye which is the following:

The Curvent Pinnacle is built to last and spin fast. This product is designed to be robustly resistant against extreme weather conditions that can cause damage to the ventilator that will result in water leaks. Our 5 year warranty also offers peace of mind to our clients. The clever Curved Blade design increases extraction rates the faster the Curvent Pinnacle Turbine spins.

We are very excited about the growth in ventilation market share this past season. Together we move air with excellence!

For a video of this product click on this image

(similar to Whirlybird and Tornado Turbines)

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