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Pinnacle Roof Turbines


Pinnacle rooftop turbines deliver natural, no-cost climate control. Optimize production and performance with green, wind-driven roof ventilation.

A cool, comfortable working environment promotes higher production levels, and optimum air quality is important to inspire top performance from your personnel. Our precision engineered Pinnacle Turbines, and a gentle breeze is all you need to step up your operations.

Tap into natural ventilation:


Why consume electricity when you can tap into the power of natural ventilation? Our roof-mounted Pinnacle Turbines have fins that catch the wind. Thus, avoiding any unnecessary operating costs.


Optimize indoor air quality with natural extraction:


When the Pinnacle turbine ventilators draw out stale interior air – as they spin, they create a natural vortex that extracts heated, stale air from within your building and they extract unhealthy particulates, moisture, and toxins that degrade indoor air quality and dispel it outdoors.


Made in South Africa with guaranteed quality:


We make our Pinnacle turbine ventilators from high quality yet lightweight materials right here in South Africa. We are so confident in their quality and durability that we back them with a 5-year guarantee.

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Curvent is a leading provider of ventilation solutions in South Africa, offering competitive prices on the highest quality ventilation systems for all types of buildings.

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Technically detailed with a robust design

Each unit contains a pair of sealed bearings, located on the shaft, that optimizes air extraction. Durable construction, supplies year-round, maintenance-free operation.

Versatility for all installations

Each Pinnacle turbine features an adjustable neck so that it fits any roof style. Select a slope-mounted or ridge mounted model to suit your practical and aesthetic preferences. Each Pinnacle Turbine unit is low profile and designed to sync with contemporary building profiles.

Sustainable and economical air quality improvement

Our turbine ventilation systems rely on the power of the wind to keep your indoor workspace healthier, drawing upon a sustainable source of momentum that is as free as the air.

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Pinnacle Turbines for all roof types:


Curvent’s Pinnacle Rooftop Turbine ventilator is a roof wind turbine offering continuous natural ventilation with no operating costs.

Manufactured from excellent quality, lightweight materials, our Pinnacle Turbine ventilators are designed to fit all roof types and integrate seamlessly into the design of any building. Once installed, they run for free and require virtually no maintenance, making them one of the most popular and affordable ventilation options available in South Africa.

Below, discover how Pinnacle Turbines work and what the benefits of these systems are. Alternatively, download our Pinnacle Turbines brochure now for full product specifications.

How Turbines Work

How Pinnacle Turbines work:

Pinnacle Turbines provides natural ventilation by replacing hot, stale air inside buildings with clean, fresh air from outside.  

The mechanics of the system are simple: The heads of the ventilators contain fins, which catch the wind as it blows. The turbine head starts spinning when heat is extracted through the turbine throat. The spinning turbine head, assisted by the wind, creates an extraction vortex below that will remove hot stale air from the building. Cool fresh air is then replaced through louvres and other openings at low level, vastly improving indoor air quality.  

The continuous natural ventilation capabilities of the system vastly improve indoor air quality and ensure air inside the building is always fresh and clean. The system runs continually and has the capacity to remove vast amounts of air from indoor spaces.  

VIDEO: How Pinnacle Turbines Work

Benefs of Pinacle Turbines

Benefits of Pinnacle Turbines:


Curvent’s Pinnacle Turbine ventilators offer an impressive range of benefits:

1. Extremely cost-effective: 
Pinnacle Turbines runs without running costs. Our rooftop turbines use natural ventilation and minimal maintenance, making it the most affordable system to naturally ventilate any building.

2. Environmentally friendly: 
You do not require any electricity for our turbines to operate, making them a chosen system for green ventilation.

3. Guaranteed for 5 years.


4. Renowned for highly robust design and construction for extreme weather conditions. The dome is especially strong to protect the turbine against hailstorms.


5. Available in slope mounted units with an adjustable neck.


6. Aesthetically appealing, thanks to the low-profile construction and curved blades.


7. Our roof turbines come in Six Sizes: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm and 610mm.


8. The spinning turbine head, assisted by the wind, creates and powerful extraction vortex below that will remove hot stale air from the building.

Models for Pinnacle
Models for Pinnacle Turbines

(similar to Whirlybird and Tornado Turbines)

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Pinnacle Turbine Calculator
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