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Pomona X201


Pomona X201, Kempton Park


Date Completed:

Project Detail:

Electro-Mechanical Natural Smoke Ventilation System

July 2023

Curvent celebrates the successful completion of this natural smoke ventilation project at Pomona X201, Kempton park.

Scope of Work:

Forty-Eight (48) units Curvent Fire-X type 1620H-EN EN12102-2:2003-09 certified slope mounted louvred smoke ventilators with a 93ºC fusible links activation system.

In the event of fire, the 93ºC fusible links will activate and automatically open the spring loaded louvred ventilators to allow smoke and hot gasses to exhaust.

The smokeless layer of fresh air created at lower level creates safe evacuation passage for people and assist in firefighting disciplines.

Curvent remains the preferred ventilation company in our industry.


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