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Metrofile, Glen Anil, Durban

Metrofile Durban Curvent Ventis (4).jpg


Metrofile, Glen Anil, Durban

Metrofile (Pty) Ltd is a leading document management company. They provide services for the storage, retrieval and dissemination of information and distributes a complete range of document management and mailing systems equipment.

Curvent International is proud to be associated with this well-known company. The objective of this installation was to focus on a mechanical smoke ventilation system. We have installed 24 of our popular Curvent Fire-X1620 EN 12101:2 certified ventilators.  These ventilators is renowned for their versatility and is ideal to ventilate large areas.


The smoke ventilation system will be triggered by smoke detectors. In the case of a fire, a state of the art smoke control system will open these louvre bladed vents. As a further precaution the vents are fitted with a secondary spring loaded fusible link fail safe back-up mechanism that will also open the vents should the automated control system fail to open the vents.

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