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Owners, employers and managers are responsible for adequite safety

The smoke ventilations system is part of the overall fire safety strategy and the responsible person must ensure that the equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair to safeguard residents within the building.

What SANS 10400: Part T – Fire protection says

Essentially the legislation is concerned quite simply with the need for all buildings to be designed, constructed and equipped so that in the event of fire:

  1. the occupants or people using the building will be protected – including persons with disabilities;

  2. the spread and intensity of any fire within buildings, and the spread of fire to any other buildings, will be minimized;

  3. sufficient stability will be retained to ensure that such building will not endanger any other building: provided that in the case of any multi-storey building no major failure of the structural system shall occur;

  4. the generation and spread of smoke will be minimized or controlled to the greatest extent reasonably practicable; and

  5. adequate means of access, and equipment for detecting, fighting, controlling and extinguishing such fire, is provided.

Expert fire ventilation inspection

After being inspected, when you know your fire and smoke response system is fully compliant with SANS regulations, you can rest assured that your facility is covered in case of potential disaster.

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Make safety your top priority: keep your fire ventilation system in premium condition. A well-maintained smoke and fire response system is your best protection against potential loss.


Curvent International Ltd. provides inspection and service for your smoke and fire ventilation equipment. As South Africa’s leading specialists in commercial smoke control and fire ventilation, we possess the expertise that are essential to keeping your equipment SANS 10400-compliant. We also upgrade older equipment that is out of warranty.

Fully functional safety equipment:


The cost of a code-compliant fire and smoke ventilation system is an investment in safety. At Curvent International – we help to ensure that, your defensive system will respond when called upon.


Optimized fire and smoke control saves lives:


During a fire emergency, a fully functioning fire and smoke ventilation system keeps escape routes clear of smoke and saves lives. Regular equipment service facilitates accurate performance during an emergency.


Customized, site-specific services:


Over time, facility changes affect the performance of your equipment. Our experts at Curvent International have experience working with site-specific systems and the knowledge to suggest cost-effective upgrades.

Proactive maintenance makes your facility safer.


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