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Automated Fire Curtains (Certified)


Curvent International is the exclusive distributor of Bach Fire Curtains based in Portugal. These Automated Fire Curtains has an EI and EW 120 rating that, in case of a fire, limits and controls the fire and reduces radiation emission less than 15 kW/m².K at 1m of distance from the fabric.


The curtain is composed of fibreglass fabric with aluminium foil on both sides seamed with reinforced steel wire and fixed to a steel roller of 78 mm in diameter. The system has Galvanized steel elements such as headbox, side guides and bottom bar. The entire system is driven by a 24V tubular motor and controlled by an electronic board. Built-in CRM (Control and Regulation for Engine) with special gravity failsafe system.  


The Control panel for the automatic curtains (CBM) has a nominal input voltage of 220 V and output voltage of 24 V. The control panel has a built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS System) with back up power of up to 6 hours available.

This system was tested in accordance with EN 1634-1 and EN 1363-1 and classified in accordance with EN 13501-2, it also complies with the conditions and procedures for CE
Marking provided for EN 16034 standards.

Static Smoke Baffles (Certified)

Smoke baffles are static (fixed) high temperature resistant flexible fabric used to create high level smoke reservoirs and aid natural or mechanical smoke exhaust systems.

Smoke baffles contain and direct smoke in case of a fire emergency and prevent the smoke from spreading to other areas. Smoke Baffles are installed at the tops of stairways, atriums and other open or high-ceilinged areas.

Smoke baffles must be flame- and fire-resistant for a minimum of one hour to help building occupants exit a building during a fire emergency.

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Automated Fire Curtains

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