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Courier Guy, Cosmo City Business Park, Roodepoort

Courier Guy, Cosmo City Business Park, Roodepoort


Courier Guy, Cosmo City Business Park, Roodepoort

The Courier Guy is a courier company in South Africa with 47 branches nationwide. They were founded in 2000 and has since built a strong reputation through strong customer relations and effective personal service. Today The Courier Guy is trusted, recognized and the fastest growing courier company in South Africa.

Curvent International is proud to be associated with a company of this stature. We have installed 72 x FXV Fire-X vertical louvres at their new warehouse in Cosmo City Business Park. These louvres are 3 zone electro mechanically operated louvres. In the event of fire, the spring loaded louvred blades open automatically to allow hot gasses to exhaust. This will aid in the buildings structural integrity against collapse.


We also installed 2  fire curtains or smoke baffles in this warehouse. A smoke baffle is a significant, noncombustible curtain that is hung tightly against a roof. Fire Curtains cordon off sections of a large roof for fire prevention purposes. Smoke baffles are also known as “draft stops,” “draft curtains” and “curtain boards.”.

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