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EN12101-3: Certified

Curvent International's mechanical smoke and heat ventilation systems extract smoke and hot fumes from the building in case of a fire and smoke emergency.

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems can be used as an alternative to Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems. Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems use mechanically powered fans to extract smoke from a building to provide a means of escape for occupants and access for fire-fighting services if a fire should occur.

Our mechanical smoke ventilation systems comply with EN 12101-3 for smoke and heat ventilation with a temperature of 300°C and a minimum operating time of 120 minutes.

The advantage of mechanical smoke extraction over natural smoke extraction is that, regardless of the fire load, the full volume flow is present and available for the extraction of fire and smoke gases after activation.

Mechanical smoke and heat ventilation systems can be installed in the following applications:


  • Multi-storey buildings.

  • Basement areas.

  • High-risk industrial warehouses.

  • Atriums.

Depending on requirements, mechanical smoke ventilation systems are installed on the roof, in the walls or within a fire rated duct system of the building. A prerequisite for the satisfactory operation of mechanical smoke ventilation systems is the presence of supply air openings for effective air flow.

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation

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