Clippa Warehouse Kemptonpark

Clippa Warehouse Smoke Ventilation
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Clippa Warehouse, Kemptonpark


Date Completed:

Project Detail:

Elctro-Mechanical Natural Smoke Ventilation System


Curvent succesfully completed this prestigious natural smoke ventilation project at Clippa Warehouse, East Port Logistics Park in Kemptonpark next to the R21.

Scope of work:

1. One Hundred (100) Fire-X Vertical wall mounted louvers (1980mm wide x 1260mm high). These louvers are electro-mechanically operated as electrical primary activation with an activation signal from the smoke detection system to activate the smoke ventilator control panel allowing the louvers to open in case of a fire. This louvre system also has a fail safe fusible link back-up funcrion to open the spring loaded louvres in case of mechanical failure.

2. Five Hundred and Thirty (530m²) Statice Smoke Baffles to separate this 11850m² warehouse into smoke zones to control smoke in case of a fire.

Curvent remains the preffered smoke ventilation company in the industry.

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Natural Smoke Mechanical Ventilation System