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Citrus Packers, Nelspruit

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Citrus Packers, Nelspruit

Scope of work

Date Completed:

Twenty-two (22) units Curvent Fire King type FK450R Ridge mounted Multi-Purpose fusible link activated natural and smoke ventilators.
Thirty (30) units Curvent Curve King type CK450S Slope mounted natural static ventilators.

4  November 2021

Project Detail:

Another successful natural and smoke ventilation project completed at Citrus Packers, Nelspruit. The Curvent Fire King R ventilator is a dual-purpose ridge mounted smoke and heat exhaust ventilator. The ventilator combines comfort with life safety.

The ventilator offers permanent natural day to day ventilation of hot stale air within the building which is replaced with cool fresh air through fixed louvres and other openings at low level, vastly improving indoor air quality.

In the event of fire, the ventilator doors automatically open on gravity to allow hot gasses to exhaust. This will aid in the buildings’ structural integrity against building collapse. The smokeless layer of fresh air created at lower level creates safe evacuation passage for people and assist in firefighting disciplines.


Curvent Fire King & Curvent Curve King 

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