Fire ventilation system manufactured and installed by Curvent South Africa

Smoke Extraction and Fire Control Ventilation: Your Ultimate Defense Against Catastrophic Damage.

Our EN certified fire and smoke ventilation systems provide the best protection available.

Curvent International – designs, manufactures and installs fire ventilation systems to prevent loss or damage within your business facility during a fire emergency. Our ventilation systems extract obstructive smoke and delay or prevent flashover so that firefighters can quickly minimise damages to your equipment and inventory.

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Designed and Manufactured For Your Building

We consider your location, conditions and South African building regulations and manufacturing protocols in customizing each one of our fire ventilation systems.

EN Certified for Industry Excellence

We lead the South African smoke extraction and ventilations systems industry as the only EN 12101:2 certified systems designer and manufacturer in South Africa. EN is the European standard for performance in fire and smoke control.

30 Years of Experience and Expertise

Curvent International has been serving the South African market since 1984. We tap into the latest technology to continually fine-tune our fire containment and smoke control protocols.

Affordable Smoke Ventilation Systems for Priceless Prevention
Economy is one of our prime directives in designing and implementing our ventilation systems. Cost effective, EN certified prevention is your best safety strategy.
Made to Meet South African Standards and Conditions
Back up service throughout the country

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