Heat and Smoke Extraction Systems

Heat and Smoke Extraction systems – planning for disaster

Extraction Systems: Planning for disaster is one of the most critical considerations in designing and constructing a public building. In South Africa, a fire protection and fume extraction plan which includes heat and smoke extraction regulations are required by law to be submitted for all public buildings. These plans must include not only fire extinguishing systems, but also smoke extraction and fume extraction systems that will provide effective ventilation in the event of a fire.

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Fume Extraction systems play a crucial role in fire protection, and may even be the difference between life and death: Often it is not the flames that injure or kill people, but the resultant smoke. Thick smoke can obscure fire exits, while smoke inhalation can damage body tissue and lead to asphyxiation. Moreover, because fires need oxygen to burn, they consume any available oxygen in the air. And, as the building and its contents go up in flames, the burning materials may release harmful fumes.

Curvent International specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing the most reliable heat and smoke extraction systems for use in public buildings. Each of our fume extraction systems has been designed to help control flames, provide effective fume extraction and facilitate safe exit in the event of an emergency.

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Heat and Smoke extraction systems: Dual-action fume extraction

Curvent’s fume extraction products are dual functionality systems that improve indoor air quality while offering the highest levels of safety during a fire.

The Curvent Fire King R is one of the most progressive ventilation systems in South Africa. This twin-purpose smoke extraction system provides effective natural ventilation on a day-to-day basis, while fulfilling a critical fume extraction function in the event of fire.  Moreover, the system is:

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Durable, robust and attractive
  • Suitable for almost all roof profiles
  • Easy to look after, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Guaranteed by Curvent

In the event of a fire, the heat and smoke extraction system’s powerful fume extraction capabilities force smoke, fumes and hot gases from the building. This smoke extraction also helps to maintain the structural integrity of the building and reduce its risk of collapse as a result of the fire.

Most importantly, a layer of smokeless air is created at low level to provide clean air as occupants escape the building, and to aid fire-fighters as they enter the building to perform their duties. This smokeless layer also enables anyone trapped in the building to breathe fresh, oxygenated air until they are rescued.

Install superior smoke extraction systems now

In the event of a fire, extraction systems could make the difference between life and death in your building. Don’t leave anything to chance – rather trust Curvent to install life-preserving fume extraction systems in your building. You can install any Curvent fume extraction system with confidence, knowing that it will help to save lives in the event of an emergency.



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